Welcome to Wicehtowak Mechanical Services’ Website

Welcome to Wicehtowak Mechanical Services’ website.

We’re very excited to be launching the website today. We’ve put a lot of work into creating the online home of Wicehtowak and we’re happy to share the results of our labour with you today.

The ultimate benefactor of Wicehtowak Mechanical Services Ltd. – a partnership between the George Gordon First Nation and Derksen Mechanical Services Inc. – will be the future of the band in Saskatchewan.

A study in 2012 found that the two working demographics (20-34 and 35-64) make up nearly 600 members of the First Nation, while the next generation – 1-19 year olds – account for 512 individuals.

Preparing for the future of George Gordon First Nation, thus, becomes vital, and Wicehtowak Mechanical Services Ltd. is setting up to take the lead in this effort.

We highly encourage you to review all segments of our website. Thank you for visiting.

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Box 248
Punnichy, SK S0A 3C0
Phone: (306) 835-2232
Toll Free: 1-877-835-2232
Fax: (306) 835-2036 
 #300-1914 Hamilton St.
Regina, Sk S4P 3N6
Phone: (306) 586-1002
Fax: (306) 586-1003

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